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Meet The Team

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Snob's Series

Snobster (Sobia) started her musical journey back in 2004 with radio presenting and then continued to pursue this as a career.


From radio presenting it progressed to presenting shows on a music channel and went on to becoming the Head of Programming for one of the leading music channels of Pakistan. 


This is where her interest in traditional musical instruments grew and started learning the drum, being one of only a few female drummers in her country at the time. 


You can usually tune into her shows every Monday and Friday morning 9-11am where she will introduce you to a varied insight of worldwide influences to drive you through the week. Currently she is taking a break but we will be sure to let you know when she is back.

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James Orbart

'Art Thou'

James Orbart is a London based DJ and producer with a very diverse taste in music. His versatility allows him to delve into a different genres ranging from House and Disco to R&B and Hiphop.


Largely focusing on house beats he likes to keep listeners on their toes! 

Alongside his residencies, James has been able to play in some of the top venues across the capital such as: Pacha, EGG LDN, DJ Mag Sessions, EGG, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Rhythm Factory, Magic Roundabout, The Social, Big Chill House


You can tune in every Tuesday from 19.00-21.00 to hear him live in the mix.

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Ordep is the main project of the London based Pedro Leitão Gomez.


His releases on ADDc, Club Breton and Shrimp Shampoo merge influences from Detroit, London and Berlin and package them into a technology-focused, not always dancefloor-friendly experience. In his DJ sets, he juggles a broad palette of genres and moods, tied together by obsessive riffs and hip-dislocating grooves.

Pedro has been spending as much time as possible in the studio since 2019, working on two  EPs and several collab projects as well as starting his own label.  


With international gigs in The Netherlands, Germany, Seoul and Barcelona he is now focusing on expanding his audience here in London.


Additionally to his Locked Groove show he has freshly secured residency for Balinese/London based collective Modül.


Tune in this and every week on  Wednesday from 20.00 BST.


Monthly, you will find him with a guest in the studio for a mix.

Locked Groove

Дезире - Desireé Esposito

Extraterrestrial Desire

Hema Patel

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SN Combat Fight Series

Sam Nankani

Sam Nankani is a Ghanian born, London based professional Martial Arts fighter, trainer, coach and Dad.

He joins us in session every first Friday of the month to uncover more about his work, his background, the combat academy he has founded and previous fights he has been involved in.


Holding the training ground for other established champion fighters, acting as a coach/mentor he delves into how and when to apply martial arts techniques outside the ring and the importance of discipline and consistency in achieving balance, focus and health.


Italian born,London based DJ based has set her tone in the big Smoke. Covering events and venues around the city her presence has been beautifully received.

From Voxnox at Fold, Jaded at Corsica Studios and featuring on other radio shows, Desireé focuses her senses on sci-fi, ambient, groovy and hypnotic sounds. 


She captivates her audience through her sci-fi, ambient, groovy and hypnotic techno influences and transports them on a journey through sound.

Extraterrestrial Desire is a focus on futuristic, mesmerising and extraterrestrial sounds and that little bit in between. 

Tune in the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 20.00-22.00



Music as Medicine

By trade of sound Rose’s work has always been influenced by music. With a deep love for the healing power it brings she has dedicated her work to sharing this passion.


She DJ’s and loves to ignite the spark for connection which she enables through multiple genre fusion and eclectic presentation. 


Her DJ sets tend to be more uplifting melodic and soul-fuelled beats for the night, whilst her daytime stories bring collaboration between artists and the listener. She introduces and showcases new talent, exploring the history, connection and influences that draw together and create a magnetic energy field which open up a continually evolving sonic soundscape.

Music as Medicine is live every Friday from 17.00-20.00 She also presents 'Sunday Sessions', a series of live performances and interviews from various bands and singer-songwriters on the last Sunday of every month 11.00-13.00.

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Strictly Love & Rhythm

Samuel Rosemain, aka Moldra, was born in Paris and raised in the West Indies.  He grew up in a cross-cultured fashion and that has significantly influenced his musical approach.


Based now in Paris, Sam has been producing and mixing music for 12 years and has been heavily inspired by overall black and UK electronic music.  


His style he describes as "moulding together a rough and emotional sound."

In 2020, he launched a Parisian music label named “ Sofa Club Records “ with promising artists from France and the UK, like SDSMAX, Hyas, Esther Ans Helm, Jan Loup or E00.

Welcoming him to the Stripped FM family, our first International-based resident with his plethora of personal productions, Sofa Club label releases, soothing radio voice and incredible selection.

You can tune in to hear him live on the last Thursday of each month 7pm GMT and 8pm Parisian time.



Charlie James


Charlie is a DJ and producer who delves into the deep melodic sounds of dance music.  ​

Studying music production gave him the tolls to begin curating his own sounds and lead to him building a catalogue of yet-to-be released music.

Taking inspiration from Juan Atkins, Transcodee, Billy Turner he enjoyed creating and exploring his own sound. He edges towards a soundscape of euphoric melodies and soothing beats which stem the foundation of his DJ sets, creating an upbeat yet sentimental infusion to guide his listeners along the ride.

Charlie can be heard live every Monday 19.00-21.00.

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