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Privacy Policy

1. Information collected is provided voluntarily. Our website only collects and utilises information provided voluntarily.
2. Data is used for tailoring products and services We may use your information to contact you in the future with promotional offers.
3. We will not give information away. We will not give, sell, or rent the information collected to any third parties such as an advertising company.
4. You can opt-out of having information collected. Contact us by email if you do not want us to collect or use your information, or if you would like us to delete the information that we have obtained.
5. Cookies used. Our website may use cookies to collect information from visitors so we can improve your access on the site and send you special offers.

6. Financial information is protected. We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Any section of this website that collects personal or financial information is only accessed by our team in order to process payments.

7. If the feel the privacy policy has been violated. If you feel that we are not following this privacy policy, or if you have concerns about how we’re using your information, please contact us as soon as possible at You can also contact the Government’s consumer agency to report privacy violations
8. We will update you when there is a change to our privacy policy. If we have your data we will email you with changes you’ve made to our privacy policy.

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