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2023 Forecast

This year we have chosen to expand the channel further than the sole subject of music.

We have been around for over a year and thank all our supporters throughout. Currently we are undergoing some background maintenance in terms of our website and app and are also looking to expand our channel further than music alone.

Whilst we have sent our weekly mail out for the duration of 2022 we have chosen to expand broadcast content to create a wider selection of topics that we feel are important to acknowledge.

Our concept from the get go was holistic and deep in the sense of valuing the creators behind the content we put out - producers, singers, songwriters, artists, residents, DJ's who have committed their passion and skills to what we have presented so far. We dig deeper into 2023 with a wider view on more content we believe is of significance and to be addressed or acknowledged - originally stemming from the voice that music has, we are aiming to present a platform that encourages balance, health, wellness, creativity, addresses further economics, the environment and other issues which present purpose, trigger conversation and engage.

Whilst we live in a fast paced high consumer cycle we felt that stripping back the jargon of traditional politics and current affairs, we wanted to use the platform to present real world affairs whilst encouraging growth and balance in a dynamic and holistic way.

To expand our portfolio we are bringing additional residents on board and we also value our listeners and readers opinions so encourage you to get in touch if there are areas of interest to put forwards to us.

If you know of any artists who would appreciate an opportunity with us, get in touch via or via the website. Alternatively, simply DM and follow us on socials @strippedfm.

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