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This year Chinese New Year falls on January 22nd - this Sunday.

These celebrations last around 15 days and coincide with the Lantern Festival which takes place on February 5th.

This year we transition from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit and it falls on the first new moon of the year and is known also as lunar new year. Traditionally, the new year is celebrated by bringing forth luck and prosperity, spending time with family and friends, fireworks, firecrackers, dressing up and gifting money.

The dragon is the Chinese symbol of good fortune and is often used in dances and decorations.

We celebrate international culture here and have selected Nocturnes曳取's - 城市景观 a gentle progressive synth ambient sound as this week's Track of the Week in celebration. Head to our website to listen to our shows and this track.

In Chinese this is how you say 'Happy New Year':

Have a great weekend and enjoy the celebrations.

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