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Ambience and Artistry

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It's not so often we hear the word 'ambience' but as sexy as it sounds with its French pronunciation it serves a great title for the meaning of mood distilled into a space.

Without a doubt we know the impact that music can have on the state of a room. Imagine an empty concert hall...

When we consider the word 'ambience' it not only reaches our ears but engages most, if not all of our senses, quite heavily.

Regularly, when experiencing music we are immersed deep into a dimension dominated by headphones or ear pieces and perhaps even on the move. At the same time we engage our other senses according to where we are. This format is quite closed compared to hearing music live... and often when you take the time to look you find the artwork designed for the track and usually a video to narrate the theme.

In the case of a live event or festival the orchestrated spaces indulge us into the experience that we almost become at one with the music. Moulding and weaving through the audio visual displays, smoke machines, dancers or live performers, in and around the speaker and sub system. With the crowd surrounding you brushing shoulder to shoulder, hands often raised in a state of trance it locks you in to the magnetic journey. A taste of cold water or beer, smell of perfume drenched with sweat, the whole experience engages the body whilst dancing with the mind and for some, most definitely the soul.

Dancing in time is possibly one of the most powerful, frequent and beautiful experiences we can share through music... As powerful it is to create the music itself. The connection and release it can bring is immense. From mainstream commercial events and platforms to independent and more localised, behind-the-scenes may be not be seen as important but really is the crutch to making things happen. These elements bring wholeness to the scene and to life.

When it comes to exploring new or unsigned artists, events and music, don't underestimate your own efforts. By sharing a link to a social post, sharing a track from an unsigned artist or independent label, tagging a friend, or referring musicians/artists to a place where they may get more leverage could actually be in the hands of you...

Here at Stripped FM we strongly encourage recommending musicians and artists our way who may sit within your network and beyond, since we aim to be the 'platform of opportunity' for delivering quality music.

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Thanks also to the Night Time Industries Association for sharing our blog post from last week on Music and Memory on their own website here.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or referrals to send our way, we're right here!

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