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AVA x Stripped FM

Entering festival season we introduce you to a significant piece of Ireland's heritage - AVA Festival - born in 2015.

This event aligns audio visual with arts and electronic music pushing boundaries in an exhibition and conference format whilst also delivering various stages of talent entertaining the masses.

With an increasingly growing reputation and structure AVA takes place in Belfast during the first weekend in June. It is both an industry networking event as much as it is a celebration of the arts combined with electronic music.

This year on the line up it features multiple acts from across the globe including Jon Hopkins, Bicep, Overmono, Crazy P, Sam Abdulhadi, New Dad and many more.

At Stripped FM we are proud to be collaborating with AVA during 2022. Focusing on grass roots talent we introduce 5 artists on the line up not to be missed:

Starting with Belfast born DJ we have Nikki O who if you want to (and you should) check her work out she engages gentle sounds of electronica to take you on a journey through funky sounds and soul generating beats.

Second we have Caoimhe who won the AVA emerging DJ competition back in 2019 where she opened the main stage. Her sound levitates around acid, house and electro and she describes her process as "music that elicits joy".

Next we have Optmst, another Belfast based artist who teases with live production as well as DJing. Releasing tracks titled 'Oracle', 'Umwaya' and 'Butterfly Effect' he journeys through ambient and experimental dimensions and rectifies a sacred temple of sound.

Matheson another of Belfast's local talent who plays with electronica, presents an acid fuelled and housey bassline to his fluid sets as well as his productions. Working on some of his own releases he will no doubt drop these into his set to present to the AVA audience to capture.

Finally, we have Cait, another Emerald Isle native who is resident of a rave label, art and performance collective 'Radiant Love'. Her sonic spirit delves into electronica and techno featuring on the line up at parties between Ireland and Berlin. She has also championed emergency support for nightlife organisers in the wake of the recent pandemic.

Aside to this fantastic array of musical soundscape, we musn't forget the landscape to which it is set. In a shipping terminal in Belfast - Titanic Slipways - it already sets the scene but when you combine the location with the talent, the energy and the visual displays, this event is one of a kind not to be missed. Whilst expanding in size and venture lest it forgets the emerging talent within the industry and provides excellent support and opportunity for artists to blend and grow.

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Tickets and more info about this years AVA Festival can be found here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Stripped FM x AVA series over coming months.

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