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Cultural Appropriation

When you Google 'Cultural Appropriation' it is actually defined as a negative implement of cross culture activity (by Wikipedia), which in essence can be actually something celebrated rather than criticised.

Our world is so diverse and the mix in cultures that has transpired from global operation and technological advances have lead to access and opportunity which actually, when you think about this, is quite fascinating whilst daunting at the same time.

The key thing to underline in exploring another culture's heritage, community and tradition is respect and understanding of the meaning and purpose behind why it is the way it is.

Ramadan is marked on the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Traditionally Islamic culture and religion is where the practice has stemmed from and its purpose is fasting in essence with prayer (intention), reflection and community.

It takes place between one sighting of the crescent moon to the next and takes place from dawn to sunset, stemming from the city of Mecca, Saud Arabia's time zone.

Since the Western culture has governed much of the trading world, historically, the time zones have followed GMT more often than Mecca's.

The Gregorian Calendar in traditional Western culture is based on 365 days a year whereas the Islamic - Hijri calendar - is 11 days shorter.

Since Christmas and Easter are prevalent in the Christian Calendar here in the UK, it seems a great opportunity to acknowledge the variations in religious practice, culture and influence across time zones, now we have a vast multi-cultural population.

Reflecting on community and integration it has prompted the shifting of ideas and practicing alternative concepts, making our ever changing world more exciting and complex.

Naturally, our hearts' core here at Stripped FM is music which is possibly and probably the most influential and effective example, for cross-culture expression.

While we are in the Christian season of the Easter transition as we speak, Pascha/Resurrection Sunday is 9th April. In Britain that has delivered bank holiday on the following Monday, this year 10th April. Since trading hours have become so global and around the clock as well as online, differentiating between business operating times has become a global feat, at the same time (arguably) at the expense of Christian tradition.

To take a wholesome view on the status of the world of religion we have chosen to use Ramadan this year as an event to celebrate alongside Easter.

Two of our residents are hosting a show celebrating both traditions and exploring more around each of the concepts and how these practices are used from a traditional sense to today's view.

On 8th/9th April we are featuring a show that explores the boundaries of culture and religion and celebrates the differences. Two of our residents, Sobia oriinally from Pakistan and Rose, born in England will be defining the traditions of Ramadan and Easter and what they mean today. Running an Easter Egg hunt for Sobia's children whilst Rose takes part in the fasting for Ramadan we aim to create awareness and explore music defining the cultures which have now become widespread and diverse and in some cases disregarded.

Save the times to listen live on Saturday 8th April 14.00-17.00 they will be discussing globalism and the affect on music, art, culture and religion and on Sunday 8th April 11.00-14.00 where it will be Easter x Ramadan.

Sobia will also be joining us the last Saturday of the month for her own show - times to be confirmed but we welcome her back with open arms.

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