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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

With our very first live event taking place on Sunday 2nd October we were so proud to be part of something special and surrounded by so much love and talent.

EiA kicked off the show with a serenade of beauty and perfectly performed, self-written vocals, accompanied by Alex Brenner on guitar and Robbie Aird on piano.

Immersed by delicate visuals, the soft ambience presented elegance and grace.

The room so peaceful and intimate as the attention was in full focus and appreciation of what stood in front.

Hats off to Peacock Method who travelled all the way down from Manchester the same morning, some members following a night shift and no sleep.

Their energy was captivating, eager and on point. With some added humour and inside jokes the crowd fully embraced the extravagant display of these ruffled up feathers of colour and sound.

Richard and Lucas - Peacock Method
Richard Newton and Lucas Berry - Peacock Method

Lucas Berry - Peacock Method

Chris Storer - Peacock Method

Adam Kenny - Peacock Method

Despite the pictures looking quite intense and fully focused the dynamics were energetic and wild in places!

The footage for all performances is due out in coming weeks but before the visuals - as our concept is and always will be - is to use the ears and hear for yourself.

Closing the largely acoustic part to the day's event, A.B. Violet - who we must give credit for her last minute commitment to perform - delivered a warm, atmospheric and electric set. Producing all her instrumentals, vocals and words she calmly engaged the audience and even encouraged them to participate in performing one of her track's melodies, as she sang herself.

Surrounded by violet spiralling visuals courtesy of Celestial Artillery this whole set was sophisticated and hypnotic. This continued into the evening where each of the resident DJ's Rose, James and Ordep jumped into the mix.

Celestial Artillery Visual Display - A.B. Violet

Celestial Artillery showing Ordep the audio visual ropes

Again we emphasise that the visuals are due for release along with interviews delving deeper and stripping it back, in coming days and weeks ahead... but our full focus is the music behind the mind of each of these artists.

You can hear their performances back here on our Soundcloud page.

If you missed it live you missed more than a moment.

We thank the team behind the venue at Waterloo Events and Creative Space, also known as Iklectik. Edu and Isa who's space and input were what enabled this event to happen. Isa Ferri, all the way from Italy is more than a sound engineer. Her energy impeccable, never impossible attitude and absolute divine shine has backed Stripped FM from the day it was born. We thank her for this long day's graft and key to detail throughout this and the multiple editions of Sunday Sessions we have held on the channel. We also thank Edu for his always welcoming, never ending dedication to the events scene, open-minded attitude and for the love of the space he holds - in heart and in venue.

More footage of the full line-up, including resident DJ's and interviews to follow in coming days. Stay tuned.

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