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Earth Day

Friday 22nd April - today - marks Earth Day for 2022. A day that has been marked on the calendar since 1970.

What is Earth Day, you're most likely wondering? It's a day dedicated to the awareness and push for positive action towards our planet, making sectors accountable for their role in environmental sustainability. From businesses to individuals and governments, the idea is to drive plans for the year ahead and beyond by taking responsibility for choices in operations.

How does this transpire to music?

Well... not only do we have Earth Day as an international feature on our calendar but in 2011 DJs For Climate Action (DJs4CA) formed where a group of industry professionals felt compelled to take ownership in how they can make steps towards positive climate change by raising awareness, providing tools and generating action.

In 2017 they curated an event called 'Earth Night' which is now also an annual event and takes place in various cities around the globe. From solar powered equipment to collaborations with Greenpeace, to no use of plastic at events and discounted entry for guests who travelled to venue's via public transport, they are collectively making efforts to bring about awareness and reward positive action.

Basic things we already know like walking instead of taking your car around the corner and recycling that waste with that takes a millisecond extra thought and bit of effort

instead of throwing all the trash in the same place. These each each make small yet significant steps towards change. The impact of having open conversations about responsibility, reading, researching and listening to podcasts or watching a documentaries about the impact of climate change can make us more actively conscientious.

On Stripped FM we have taken it upon ourselves to curate our Friday night shows tonight (22nd April) around this theme. Firstly introducing the fact we are a remote based digital set up it involves much less of a carbon footprint for us to achieve our broadcasting goals and for listeners to enjoy a carefully chosen selection of records (or digital files) from their own chosen location and hosted by our resident DJ's.

17.00-20.00 BST Rose will be up with her weekly show 'Music as Medicine'

20.00-21.00 BST Ordep presents his weekly slot 'Locked Groove'...

...and to add to the mix on this very special occasion he has in fact also invited some local talent to present a guest mix for us:

21.00-22.00 Tarde Loco (aka Aidan Baumann) goes back to back with Keke Wood (Kieran Wood) - both local and London based DJ's and producers

Our resident selection involves a tight team of individuals who are all keen to make an impact within the music scene by supporting fellow artists and industry professionals, scouting for up and coming talent - as well as celebrating some wonderful work which is already out there and hasn't been given the recognition it deserves.

With low-emission and behind the scenes production we regularly communicate around ways in which we can support each other and our surrounding environment. We regularly publish digital content generating awareness around topics of significant interest to the team and its audience, as well as broadcast live so we are able to include and value the opinions and feedback of our listeners.

Aside from our own efforts, thanks to Francesca Willow aka the Ethical Unicorn she has underlined and continues to make waves within her own work by shouting about sustainable living. Including a detailed explanation on how approximately £2 out of £10 from your pension is currently being linked to deforestation, weapons and fossil fuels. She quotes a report from Make My Money Matter where £300billion of pension money in the UK is at high risk of of being used for investments into companies that are driving deforestation and environmental destruction, threatening biodiversity, ecological stability and frontline communities, as 2 billion lives depend on forests that are impacted by deforestation.

Francesca talks about greening your pension being the most effective way to ensure your pension money is being used for something that restores nature and doesn't destroy it. This has been quoted to be 21 x more effective than going vegetarian, giving up flying, and switching to a renewable energy provider, combined. You can sign the petition here.

Back to a music and events structured overview of a sustainably ethical economy, we have seen the likes of Massive Attack commissioning a team of experts from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change and Research to trace the carbon footprint within the music industry and produce a roadmap. In their own words:

We hope the Tyndall Roadmap fires a starting pistol for the music industry to embrace the multiple opportunities for change the report authors have provided, and that live music can lead the way in decarbonising the world.

“Code red for humanity” could not be more vivid. We must act now.

Both powerful words and phenomenal efforts by the Bristol-born band which formed in 1988. Writing this I am in awe of their efforts. Their efforts guided by desire to make a change, globally, for the better.

The 1975 aimed to plant a tree for every ticket sold for their events, Billie Eilish wanted to ensure there were climate change educational resources at every venue throughout her tour and Foals were aiming to cut the use of plastic out of theirs.

In terms of festivals Coachella has introduced 'Carpoolchella' where they rewarded efforts of festival goers who car share their way to the event by offering backstage passes and VIP upgrades. Also, they encourage tokens to spend on merchandise in exchange for picking up and collecting empty bottles, cups and cans. The option to use self powered phone chargers from riding a bike is also an implemented incentive. More information on renewable energy and festival logistics can be found at Powerful

The efforts are growing and this is encouraging as well as enlightening to say that collectively we are building efforts and awareness. It's also down to us as individuals to take responsibility in whatever way we can.

Earth Night is celebrated 22-24th April 2022. This coming Sunday 24th we will be introducing to you our second artist to feature in our 'Sunday Sessions' series which takes place as a live broadcast from our studios in South London between 11-13.00. Local talent and rapper Sterling will be performing live with an interview. Presenting his portfolio as an artist we will be exploring his creative influences and what drives his philosophy and approach to generating an energy and focus towards the world of art, expression and music.

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