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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Converting the word 'equinox' from latin is to say 'equal' and 'night'.

Equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator making the length of both day and night almost equal. It takes place twice a year, around 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere, we know as spring. In the Southern Hemisphere this month is autumn. Back in the Northern Hemisphere on 22nd/23rd September we see Autumn and the Southern Hemisphere sees spring. During equinox both hemispheres will get equal amounts of light (around 12 hours).

As it takes place this week around 20th March it also known as the 'vernal' equinox and marks the beginning of the new year in Assyrian, Hindu and Persian calendars. This week we are also seeing March's full moon on Friday 18th - a time of the month historically said to have caused rocky moments in the psyche hence the word 'lunatic'. Possibly 'non-PC' these days but that said there's definitely a magnetic energy caused by this phase and I guess when put to use it can transpire into artwork.

The following is a list of artists and their tracks who have somewhat engaged the above themes relating to time, orbit, space and nature in their summary of sound.

We hope you enjoy:

1. Agoria, Nino De Elche, KAS:ST - What if Earth Would Turn Faster

2. Baifan - Time

3. Ben Bohmer - After Earth

4. Bicep - Sundial 5. Bonobo - Shadows (feat jordan Rakei)

6. Burial / FourTet - Nova

7. Burial - Antidawn

8. Caribou - Cloud Song

9. Colyn - Bridges In The Sky

10. DART - Dawn

11. Dyce - Apollo

12. Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies 13. Enfant Sauvage - 58500 (Daniel Avery Remix)

14. Fort Romeau - Beings of Light

15. Jabier Logares, Kareel - La Cuarta Galaxia

16. Jamie Woon - Night Air (Solomun Edit)

17. Kareem Ali - Starshine Blues

18. Koreless - Black Rainbow

19. Marc Spieler - Space

20. Marcu Rares - Nocturnal

21. Moeaike - Mystical

22. Nohan - The Mother Land

23. North Lake - Journey To The Centre Of The Sun

24. Octo Octa - Spell For Nature

25. O'Flynn - Neptune

26. Phaeleh - Chasing Saturn

27. Pipi Ciez - Polar Pattern

28. Recondite - Moon Pearl

29. Sergio Vilas - Cosmology

30. Sparrow & Barbossa - Dream

31. Stereoclip - Lunar

32. Tale of Us - North Star

33. Underground Resistance - Planet X

If you like any of these particular tracks we have added the link to their page where you can support them and they will be played throughout some of our shows this week.

If you are not already subscribed you can head to our homepage where we can add you to our mailing list and keep you in the loop for upcoming events and news.

Also, for best listening experience we recommend you download the free Stripped FM app on our homepage.

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