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Fast Fire

This week's post is literally a quick fire of questions to our resident DJ's so you can get to find out more about what makes them tick:

Up and first, we have Tuesday night resident, selector of 'Art Thou'.... James Orbart

1.. Where were you born?

Kingston, Jamaica 2. Favourite season? Summer 3. Style and sound?

Eclectic and monochrome 4. Party Trick?

Opening beer bottles with a lighter 5. What's your spirit animal?

Personal - Orca. In Chinese philosophy - dog!

Next in line and next step in the week is Wednesday night's 'Locked Groove' ambassador 0rdep

1. Where were you born?

Brussels 2. Favourite season? Spring - because it' sunny, not sweaty 3. Style and sound? Sometimes breaky, sometimes floory, always delicious 4. Party Trick? Identifying obscure tunes 5. What's your spirit animal? Personal - Panda. According to Chinese philosophy - a tiger!

Over to the ladies, we have:

Sobia Soz is that soothing voice that welcomes in the week every Monday and winds down the week on a Friday (both mornings) when she delivers Snob's Series...

1. Where were you born?

Karachi, Pakistan

2. Favourite season?


3. Style and sound?

Eclectic, all embracing and multifarious

4. Party Trick?

Touching my nose with my tongue!

5. What's your spirit animal?

I've always followed native Americans spirituality so I associate with the fish and wolf... in Chinese philosophy however it's the pig!

Last but not least we have Friday night Music as Medicine prescriber, Rose!

1. Where were you born?

Near Liverpool

2. Favourite season?

All of them

3. Style and sound?

Soul fuelled ambience (in multiple forms)

4. Party Trick?

Making my eyeballs vibrate!

5. What's your spirit animal? A snake!

If you want to listen back to any of their previous shows head to our Soundcloud page here

AND more importantly, a reminder of our debut event this coming Sunday where you can get your hands on tickets here and meet the team alongside some other incredible guest artists listed here:

INCLUDING the wonderful audio visual artist, Celestial Artillery:

Listen back to the introduction show she featured in here but for a true insight into her art head to our shop page and secure your tickets to the event now.

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