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Festive Kit List

With the festive season well and truly on us - and although we never classed ourselves as lifestyle specialists - we thought we would make the point that it is a time of year where it is important to check in on ourselves.

Self care is not a topic we usually associate with music but it is easily done!

We wanted to make a list of a few reminders and ways which we can enhance our well being at this busy, often stressful, time of year.

We also don't forget to remind ourselves to check in on others. Although Christmas is seen as "the most wonderful time of the year" according to Andy Williams, it's not always the happiest of times for some.

Here is our festive maintenance kit list:

1. Vitamin D - Sunlight

Often forgotten and not seen so much during winter months but solar energy is mood enhancing as much as it is power. Sunlight, enables us to reconnect to nature, protects against disease, optimizes physical performance, and improves mental health... Make the effort to go outdoors when it shines.

2. Timing - channel your energy and manage your time. TIme for work, time for yourself, time for others... and time to just breathe. Planning your time, wearing a watch and using an alarm are 3 basic strategies.

3. Make lists - so you don't get caught up on top of yourself, it's simple and easy to make a list. Such a beneficial habit to get into as it enables you to monitor progress, preventing forgetfulness and GETTING THINGS DONE!!! Easy to do with a pen and paper, or on your phone.

4. Exercise - A brisk walk outdoors. A trip to the gym... and if it's too cold, there's always an online workout to be found... from yoga to high intensity workouts, there are plenty of options. (YouTube has lots of choice!) Even 10 minutes a day is proven to enhance your brain's endorphins.

5. Nutrition - It's super tempting to over indulge at this time of year. At the party, at home. Treats galore... from alcohol to mince pies. We'd recommend each time you pick up a treat, remind yourself it's just like chocolate money... the more you eat the bigger your (weight) balance will stand. Pretty simple math really!

With nourishing the body, it's essential to maintain hydration, despite the colder weather. We recommend drinking the same amount of water to alcohol ...Yess, really!

Also, remember your body's natural sugar levels will highly fluctuate in accordance with excess alcohol and food intake... feed your body like you aim to nourish your soul.

6. Sleep - such an underrated activity to maintain balance between mind and body. Sleep enhances this synergy. According to Google the top reasons for sleep are reducing sickness, maintaining a healthy weight, lowering stress, clearer thought processes and as well, of course, for physical rest.

7. Cleanse - bathing or showering with natural products and essential oils can be a really powerful way of harmonising the mind and body. You can even add a couple of drops of essential oil into an oil burner or diffuser. Here is a site we found which breaks down the different aromatherapy oils, their benefits and uses.

8. Mindfulness and self care - journalling is one way to take conscious note of your thoughts. Whilst it's maybe not practical nor preferable for some, it can be a beneficial way to check in. Meditation is another practice. For us, we would suggest an absolute attitude of gratitude and awareness - of our self, as well as others.

9. Feng Sui - an ancient Chinese philosophy and current practice which has become more popular in Western culture. It's also an underrated and highly effective technique for synergising the physical space you are in for energetic balance. You know what they say about "a tidy house is a tidy mind"... that has possibly, probably originated from this concept. Feng Sui translates to "the way of wind and water". The notion is to harmonise the physical surrounding space. For more details look here:


10. Music - For the car, for the kitchen, for a party, for the bath.. you've probably heard enough Christmas music on repeat around the shops... so if you're stuck, head to our Soundcloud page where you can listen back to our shows for some inspiration.

We know it's a challenging time of year to fit these in but if there's one simple thing you can do, it's to share this article with someone you know who would benefit from it now.

Wishing you happiness, balance and health throughout this festive season.

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