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Emotional Frequency isn't an everyday topic but we thought we would highlight the idea to demonstrate the power of intention and awareness.

Clinical Psychologist Shawna Freshwater, PhD discusses emotions and how they largely define our understanding of the world. She writes "emotions move, have a vibrational frequency, take form, are changing, and impermanent. You continually change from one emotion to another." She then states "every cell in your body is affected by the emotional vibrational frequency that you manifest."

It's not hard to do the maths here but positivity breeds positivity and the opposite is likely true... so what happens if we can tune our own emotions?

Emotions have been likened to feelings, as that's what they transpire into in physical form.

The truth is emotional suffering originates out of the mind…mind regulates energy (quantum)...

You may be questioning what this has to do with music...

Music itself is a powerful form of communication. Sometimes involving lyrics and sometimes without. In essence the melodies and harmonies initially produced by an individual (sometimes a collective) communicate the frequency that they were on at the time of its creation. If this music (frequency) suits our own frequency we essentially fuse with it.

It's amazing to think how music creation as well as appreciation can effectively be a technique used to tune your own vibrational energy.

The reason why many artists describe their practice as therapy is probably the sheer release and/or framing of their emotional state that they feel when communicating their own vibrations.

Before reading this the information may have been part subconscious but now consciously based on the understanding of frequency, perhaps we are able to programme our levels by manually selecting our preferred taste in music, according to our needs at the specific moment in time.

It's probably fair to say that if you are feeling a little low you can carefully select some music that lifts your state to a higher place. The opposite is also true.

Awareness of your own vibrational state is something not commonly spoken about. Since we are a music-fuelled channel we wanted to share these simple strategies for creating a wholesome vibration.

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