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Immersive Art

With the majority of music being accessed digitally there's most certainly a call for artwork to present the pieces making the audio captivating to both the ears and the eyes.

As we have previously acknowledged, music can be a form of meditative focus and therapy. We can also acknowledge artwork can offer similar traits by engaging different senses and with visual artwork, usually and often it involves colour. Colour Therapy is yet another topic which is fascinating but we will leave that one here for you to explore further yourself if you fancy.

London based artist, Lillian Rose, explores the virtual and natural forms of meditation and consciousness. Combining her passion for motion, colour, meditation and sound she is currently working with a yoga instructor, Belle Greenwood, to produce an audio-visual based meditative experience, informed by the teachings of yoga and it's philosophy. This combines mantra singing, movement, digital visuals involving colour theory and binaural beats. (Binaural beats we did a blog post about earlier this year you can view that here).

After working in fashion and art production Lillian has developed her own project, Celestial Artillery, which draws on her passion for meditative and immersive art. Combined with her love for music she describes how "fast and generative visuals can induce meditative states and feelings of texture and emotion within the brain."

Taking this to the dance floor as well as the yoga studio the dynamics of her projects breed elements of sublime.

This Friday she joins Rose in the studio during the Music As Medicine show to talk more about her upcoming projects. Tune in live from 17.00-20.00 on Friday 26th August. This will also be an opportunity for her to answer any questions you may have for her.

Tonight, we also have our resident James Orbart embracing his Jamaican routes and Caribbean heritage as he puts on a special live show to celebrate the start of Carnival Weekend here in London.

Not to forget, this Sunday is the last Sunday of the month where we will be joined by Manuela Tomé from 11.00-13.00 where the beautiful singer-songwriter will perform live and interview for our monthly series, Sunday Sessions.

Wishing you the best of bank holiday weekends as the summer months draw towards a close. With autumn in sight we have some exciting plans in the pipeline...

You can enter your details at the bottom of our homepage so we can add you to our mailing list (completely free) and you can stay up to date and in the loop with future projects.

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