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Updated: Mar 24

Indigenous is a name traditionally given to and associated with natives of a culture and also tribes.

When we think about the vast array of cultures that circulate the globe, its almost infinite which is both fascinating yet overwhelming at the same time. Fascinating in the sense that without travel we wouldn't have the same understanding of cultural differences the way we do today. If you are lucky enough to travel abroad you will have witnessed other country's smell, appearance, sound, cuisine and most likely dropped a souvenir or two in your bag for a reminder.

Whilst we have a diverse population here in the UK, we also see this across the globe where various citizens seek to get dual or citizenship of another country for their own legal rights and security.

When we think of the indigenous people we can look specifically at non-official tribes who associate with each other moreso than the country's official host body. In many countries there is an assumed political system which for the UK has had a monarchy. This has seen a huge twist since the Queen's passing in 2022. The forecourt seems to show heavy pressure towards a shift in structural dynamics and something which is still a questionable feature in operation.

Whilst Stripped FM is run from a collective of individuals who's passion is driven from their innate connection to their work, it stands as a unique platform for an alternative pattern of communication and balance. You could call this indigenous, whilst at the same time regulated by the country's and further global interest. The vast part of this has come from a desire for sharing and connection which is both significant and apparent in today's economy.

When we look how digitalised and advanced technology and communications are, we have entered a cycle of something never been done before - cryptocurrency trying to overturn the GBP and therefore affecting the global economy.

With the monarchy in the UK we holding a significant history of an empire. As times change and country relations intertwine, this is both beautiful and complex as it transitions not only people's understanding of cultures but also the way in which countries regulate - law, trade, government, security, communication, education.

In coming weeks we are featuring conversations from UK based business minds - Night Time Industries Advisor (Warehouse Project/ Park Life Founder) Sacha Lord, Stamp Out Spiking Founder Dawn Dines and Nightclub and Business Owner Stephen Less of Americana who will speak more in depth about these topics above alongside their own journey's.

Also check out Cici - Indigenous for a track to inspire your week.

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