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Innate Resonance

Updated: Jan 1

The term 'spiritual' can be interpreted in many ways although in this particular case we are referring to universal energy.

Throughout our lives we go through various experiences defining our own reality. From family, religion, education, work and social circles, we identify more with concepts and people that we feel align to and with ourselves.

This week we cover the chakra concept which is an ancient philosophy that has been around for thousands of years.

"The seven chakras have been written about in ancient texts of Tantra and yoga as important psycho-energetic centres which allow us to align with matter and the material world, with the mental and emotional world as well as with the subtle world of spirit." (The Himalayan Yoga Institute.)

You might feel baffled at the thought of "psycho-energetic centres" but if you've heard of or know much about quantum physics then you may understand this concept. Right here we explain how universal frequencies (including sound) can assist tuning your existential vibration, enabling balance and in other words, channeling your energy.

From the image above there are 7 energy centres identified down the equinox of the body's core. Using the term 'equinox' in this instance is an unusual use for the word but demonstrates the essential universal laws of energy.

From the base to the head:

1. Root (Earth)

2. Sacral (Water)

3. Solar Plexus (Fire/Sun)

4. Heart (Air)

5. Throat (Sound)

6. Third Eye (Light)

7. Crown (Consciousness)

These channels all work in synergy.

In this article we focus directly on the throat chakra (if you want to learn more about the others there's plenty of literature for you to find on Google)...

The throat chakra is seen as our realm of expression. When this chakra is open we are said to feel light, creative and purposeful. When it is blocked it limits us speaking our truths and can in turn be associated with tension, poor health, feeling stuck and under energised.

We relentlessly underline the power of music and frequency here at Stripped FM (despite the irony of the term 'FM' standing for 'frequency modulation' and the fact we are solely an online entity!) Frequency, we have heavily discussed in previous blog posts here, here and here and music is everything about us. This week we have chosen to explore the throat chakra which is vital in communication.

As we understand music as a universal language it is essential for many, if not all musicians, to create their voice through this medium of sound. Whether this resonates with the listener is entirely down to their own innate taste, determining whether the specific sound/s come across as artistic and purposeful, or whether it is deemed as intrusive. The same also applies to elements of sound that are not specifically music.

"Our body is an instrument that is constantly vibrating with all that it receives, shaping our world, connecting and creating. We own the grand symphony of creation with our unique voice, singing the truth of our heart", Anode Judith states in 'Chakras Made Easy'. "The purpose of the fifth chakra is to find this internal resonance among the subtle vibrations within, to live in harmony and to know, speak and live our truth".

Buddha said:

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.

In essence we might agree that communication - whether thought, felt, spoken or composed is energy which manifests within our reality. Physical, psychological or emotional activation from creating or feeling via just music and sound alone is one example of our natural ability for resonating with the world around us.

Mantras are commonly used as a tool for honing in to our consciousness. Likely associated with yoga and meditation but in contrast, similar to that of McDonald's advert with "duh, duh, duh, duh, duhhhh ...Mmmm loving' it!" The repitition and familiarity of a sound can be a way of programming our mind onto a particular frequency via association. Selecting a track from a playlist can also assist setting the mood. Also, mind and body awareness.

If you found this insightful you may want to head to another previous article ours on music and the Schumann Resonance here. The remaining chakras as we mentioned work in synergy with the throat chakra and it's worth reading further around the subject if you resonate with our introduction to this holistic concept.

From all the team here, thanks for a smashing 2022 full of love, appreciation and support. We look forward to sharing 2023 and wish you a healthy and abundant year ahead.

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