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Maintenance Update

Approaching a year of broadcasting as Stripped FM we would like to thank each and every one of our viewers, listeners, artists and contributors.

The year has been wonderfully challenging and exciting as a new venture. As we grow we aim to maintain a great standard of service. As a result we have reviewed our previous provider and have made the decision to transfer to a new one. We have no doubt you wish us well in this process which we aim to make as smooth and as subtle as possible however we would like to highlight that during this transition, which will take place over the next week, that there may feature some teething issues during the early stages of the new provider.

During this time we appreciate your patience with us and of course would value your feedback. If you feel that something is going unnoticed - this next week or beyond - please do be sure to connect with us and let us know.

In the meantime, if you are short of content or inspiration do head to our Soundcloud page here where you can listen back to previous broadcasts, including our latest live event content as well as our regular weekly shows.

We do intend on broadcasting our live schedule as per usual and reiterate that any feedback regarding the update and anything further that you may feel would be valuable to us would be greatly appreciated. Please be aware this will change our app feature too and we will ensure we update you with further details. If the app doesn't function we suggest trying the homepage of our website for live listening until further notice.

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