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Mental Health Awareness Week

'Mental Health' - a judgement? A statement? An assumption? A negative connotation?

When you Google the term it comes up with various angles to which it falls and is still not clear in itself whether it's in a state of health or lack thereof.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week we discussed the terminology with a number of people, including artists and overall, it appeared that the definition behind the phrase - or title - is not seen in the most uplifting way and often implies error or insufficiency in some area.

Surely if we're aiming for ultimate health whether it's psychological, physiological or physical the stance should be towards balance i.e. optimum health.

There's times in our lives which I'm sure all of us have experienced challenging periods. In some circumstances it's hard to know when or how to get help, particularly for something we might not understand and when it's ourselves, that can be extremely daunting. Accepting there's something that may be dealt with better in the hands - or in this case mind - of someone else.

It's a very 'woke' society we live in so it's quite often tough trying not to offend various people by saying certain things however when it comes to Mental Health Awareness Week it's time to focus on the overall issue and that is support.

From actors to musicians to scientists to world leaders it's fair to say a few immediately come to mind without needing us to list them.

This week we highlight artists from Dubstep phenomenon Benga to the beautiful singer songwriter EiA, who was the first of our guests to appear in our series of 'Sunday Sessions'. They both admit music has kept them alive.

It seems that the energy, connection, communication and art form music can conjure up is both magical and fulfilling to both the artist and their listeners. Opening up about truths and reality engages, comforts and demonstrates that we are all human.

If there is anyone you can think of this week that may appreciate your reaching out to, let them know you're thinking of them, perhaps you can use this as an opportunity. Send them some music. Create a memory. Make them feel valued.

This year's focus for Mental Health Awareness Week is loneliness.

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