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Night Time Industries Association

This February we bring our focus to a new generation of politics better known as the Night Time Industries Association.

On February 9th and 10th their annual event will run the movement Savenightlife in conjunction with Defected and Vibe Lab.

This conference unites key stakeholders across the country and further abroad to discuss their best practices, historical and current challenges as well as future intentions.

Combining technology specialists such as Pioneer and DJ Monitor, alongside other industry bodies, the conference will hold over 100 speakers across the 2 days to discuss and generate sources of strategy and maintenance.

Michael Kill CEO of Nighttime Industries states:

An opportunity for operators, regulators, creators, entrepreneurs to come together and share, learn and build a stronger, more resilient industry for the future.

With National Tinnitus Awareness Week falling across the same week's period, there will be discussions on hearing health which is an underlying and less thought about subject which is key within the sector and focusing on balanced health in operations.

Other significant content will include A Greener Festival who champion sustainability in the live events sector, discussing the challenges in meeting Net Zero by 2030.

As the night time industries are a seen a creative sector which fuels our country's cultural heritage and economy, we are supporting this event in attendance as well as offering you the details to attend yourself with tickets available here.

... No doubt the event will coincide with daytime industries also...

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