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Pride Month

'Sexual diversity' is in a nutshell our definition of what Pride is about.

June has been and continues to be the month where we celebrate this and as we know music holds a safe space for artists, musicians and listeners to share and express their identity in an emotive format.

Back in February we posted about LGBTQ history since it was LGTBQ History Month and right there we summarised how rights and acceptance have become part of a serious agenda to inclusivity and diversity of society. You can revisit that post here which even if you did check it out then is worth another look at since it's difficult to comprehend how life was for for LGBTQ individuals only a few decades ago.

On Monday 27th June we celebrate this further with our morning breakfast resident Sobia who is dedicating her show to a presenting an array of artists who sit under this 'sexually diverse' umbrella.

Tune in to her show this Monday as well as every Monday and Friday from 9.00-11.00 BST.

Also, a gentle reminder that Sunday 26th is the last Sunday of this month where we have Lenno-X, our Hip Hop & African Soul friend who will perform and interview live in the studio between 11.00-13.00.

...Save the dates!

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