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Rapid Transformational Therapy

This week we welcome Hema, a music industry RTT hypnotherapist and coach. RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy and is a form of hypnotherapy.

Hema has a passion for music and began her journey as a RTT after loosing her cousin from suicide. It made her understand there was more that must be done to manage people's health - stemming largely from understanding emotion and psychological maintenance and enhancement being as, if not more important, than physical health.

Emotion as we know dictates much of the music we hear and how we feel and respond to certain stimuli.

Her work as a coach/RTT is something she will delve deeper into within her guest appearance on Thursday 14.00-17.00, here on Stripped FM. This will also be an opportunity for any live listeners to have their questions answered.

Interestingly, no care of duty exists in higher education, as it stands in government run establishments. Perhaps this could be debated that as adults we are able to manage ourselves however in any UK governments 'duty of care' programme, RTT is not a widespread phenomenon and perhaps both within and outside of university this is something that could heavily improve and adapt our current system as it stands.

Duty of Care is generally a term used with patients. That, traditionally, being our NHS serving our care. Currently we are aware there are many issues within this system that is causing the services to overwork and lead to heavy strains, meaning strikes and walkouts over pay, as well as other onset issues.

With the concept Hema is using it is a powerful form of engaging and communicating with individuals to achieve a desired outcome. It's not a commonly used strategy in the public services and would be perhaps something to be considered further for effective use in healthcare and perhaps also education.

As part of her ethos she is building a concept to work towards this and has backed a government petition to support statutory legal care in higher education. If you would like to support this you can do that here with another more in depth video, petition and insight from student themselves here.

As a channel we draw attention to an informative approach to our culture and driving awareness towards matters like this are a signifiant part of our ethos.

Implementing RTT into more of a widespread practice would be a significant achievement in driving how our public sector communicates in a more effective and efficient manner to impact people's lives for the better, we will discuss in this week's interview.

Thursday 9th 14.00-17.00 - save the date and tune in live.

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