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Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Black Friday has just been and gone - almost like 2022. A madness to think we are almost in 2023. With just weeks away we wanted to remind you of our concept.

As a channel that doesn't run any advertising and is solely based on the talent, dedication and artwork of all those involved we are truly grateful to be able to share what we love and have your support.

Stripped FM was born with the approach that streaming services are widening the gap between artists and listener and we felt that the missing touch is a more personal approach and introduction to the artists. Most of which with us, being under the radar so to speak, or at least less commercial than you would expect to hear on major or corporate channels.

We felt it was time to serve credit to the masters behind the craft by stripping back the layers to understand a bit more. With each of our resident DJ's, they have spent many hours throughout the last and first year of our operation preparing, searching, discovering, connecting and delivering music and offering musicians a platform to be heard and in some ways understood.

Music, as we know, is a truly powerful form of communication. The voice behind the music is projected through the frequencies and melodies collated. An art form. One that is highly intuitive... we've all felt this when a particular track really resonates on a personal level.

As a team we have managed a small-scale platform with the ability for a wide-reach audience. Since we do not advertise we rely solely on the artists involved and listeners themselves.

As part of our audience we really value your opinions and invite you to put forward any requests, suggestions or ideas for future broadcast and content. You can do this via the website, email or alternatively directly message any of our social channels @strippedfm, or our residents on theirs.

Since we are approaching Christmas we wanted to remind you we have a small selection of merchandise available in our online store here. In addition to what is there now we do have some Stripped FM beanie hats and key rings in transit. If you would like to place an order for any of these please let us know.

We appreciate your continued support.

Also, a little reminder ...this Sunday 27th November is our last edition of 2022 Sunday Sessions, since the last Sunday of the year is 25th December and the majority of you will most likely be opening gifts and eating turkey! We will not be live broadcasting on this day!

This Sunday however we have FHUR, London based synth-fuelled pop artist. As usual, she will be performing live as we interview her, breaking down her projects and getting to know more about the girl behind this beautiful audio art. Set your reminders for 11.00-13.00.

Just a reminder that you can also subscribe for free via the link at the bottom of each page on this site and you can listen back to previous shows here.

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