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Over the last few weeks we have welcomed a selection of new residents with their own series.

From Desiree Esposito - Дезире - the Italian delicacy who joined Ordep for a guest mix back in January. She has now become our 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month techno selector for her show Extraterrestrial Desire between 20.00-22.00. The passionate DJ has headed shows at Corsica Studios and Fold, two categorically fine venues within the city of London, particularly known for their well selected talent on event line ups.

The latest addition to our new series is Sam Nankani - the ex pro fighter, coach and founder of SN Combat Academy, a ground known for establishing Martial Arts champions. He joined Rose in conversation earlier this month and will continue his SN Combat Fight Series every first Friday of the month 14.00-16.00. To listen back to his first show head here.

Another exciting addition to to the family is Hema Patel, the rapid transformational therapist, also known as a hypnotherapist. She joined Rose in session on Thursday 9th March for a wonderful in depth conversation around her work, purpose and intention. She has worked closely with clients from varying backgrounds, also music-related and creative individuals so it was interesting to delve into the dynamic between creativity, purpose and disposition. She explained several techniques and concepts she uses and that can be applied. The show was limited edition and not available for listen again but her series is well worth a listen and will continue into the next few months on the second Thursday 14.00-17.00.

Our usual residents we give credit to their endless commitment. Ordep each and every Thursday 20.00. This month he brings a guest in the mix. Stay linked to our socials to find out this month's guest. James Orbart with his series, Art Thou. Due to working commitments he has narrowed his broadcasts down to once as month, the last Tuesday 19.00-21.00. Moldra our French-Martinique influence remains the last Thursday of the month with his series Strictly Love & Rhythm from 19.00.

We also wish Sobia well, who headed her series Snob Series from when the station began. She is currently working closely with her children and may join us for future projects.

Music as Medicine with Rose will continue every Friday 17.00-20.00 and we collectively all value your support as readers, listeners and audience. Charlie James has also joined us with his LockedOpen series every Monday 19.00-21.00 off the back of his initial collaboration with James Orbart.

The last Sunday of the month we intend on holding Sunday Sessions live as we did last month in South London. Currently we are awaiting for our headline act to confirm before we can go ahead with details.

If you want to recommend any talent/artists and individual features/project submissions please do get in touch via the website or email

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