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Updated: Mar 1

Resonance is caused by waves vibrating from another element. It can occur through nature and via technology/man made systems, often electrical in force.

Magnetic resonance is absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation by electrons or atomic nuclei from phones or other electrical devices for example.

Wikipedia describes it as "the phenomenon of increased amplitude that occurs when the frequency of an applied periodic force is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts".

When music resonates we feel a connection and often a triggered emotion that relates in some way to the same frequency.

In an all empowering way that is the beauty behind music.

Interview of singer songwriter Adam Wedd after his Sunday Sessions performance

This weekend we held our first live edition of Sunday Sessions at Matthew's Yard in South London. With Adam Wedd as our feature guest he performed live and interviewed as we then passed it across to James, Charlie and Rose to continue the afternoon. To listen back to the live performance by Adam you can head here.

Adam Wedd, James Orbart and Rose - Sunday Sessions x Matthews Yard

Tonight we introduce to you Charlie James our new resident who is an ambassador for Changing the Face of Men's Health - a fine combination of music and mindset.

He will be standing in tonight for James Orbart's Tuesday night show, Art Thou from 19.00-21.00 before he embarks on his own residency with us.

If you are not already subscribed you can head to the bottom of our page.

This week we also introduce Desiree Esposito - ДЕЗИРЕ - to the team. Check our socials for more details. Her show will be the first and 3rd Thursday of the month 20.00-22.00 - Extraterrestrial Desire.

Thanks for your continuous support

... from all the team.

Credits to Glen Morganshaw on photography.

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