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Saving Space

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

As a radio channel we indulge in creative projects on music and surrounding music. We have been so lucky to have as many talented individuals involved in our first year of broadcasting that we have and we wanted to draw attention to you a couple of important points this week.

One being that music and art are essential to culture, heritage and wellness. For most artists their craft is their world and what keeps them intact.

From being immersed in both soundscape and landscape auditory and sensory we understand the impact that art has. Last week highlighted World Mental Health Day and we stand together in identifying the significance that a creative outlet for an artist can be equally as important to the receiving end of the audience, being observer or listener. In a musical sense we believe it is one, if not the, most powerful form of communication.

Some musicians say music chose them. Previous interviews with artists both from our live event and in studio sessions can be found here.

Stripped FM values the musical masterpieces we play and we act as a stage to both deliver the art and explore the minds and souls behind it.

Earlier this month we were proud to be able to showcase the talent we had previously explored throughout our first year. Our debut event was brought to you both online via the channel to hear from home, as well as to watch for those who attended in person - live at a stunning location in South London.

Sadly this month we have been informed that Old Paradise Yard, which is home to a number of creative studios as well as the event space we took over, has had plans for developers to seize the land and build onto it.

What was once a Tibetan Buddhist Centre and a former school house now houses a small city farm, garden area and yard, creative community with workspaces and is situated next to a park.

The developers plans are to flatten this site and build tower blocks adding to the ever increasing skyline.

Old Paradise Yard is literally a gem. You can feel the natural energy of the grounds and how wholesome and nourishing it is. In the centre of London, steps away from Big Ben, it's essential to keep tight hold of something so precious.

We avoid politics but the idea of knocking what is here out and building onto it is purely presenting greed and lack of soul.

We ask that if you have enjoyed being part of the journey through Stripped FM's first year and you would like to see this, alongside other close creative projects continue to sustain and flourish, that you support this space which has had a significant impact on our growth and intentions.

You can head here to add your signature to the petition and support the wider creative communities amongst this beautiful green space in Waterloo.

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