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Silence Vs. Sound

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

That time of year has arrived (in the Northern Hemisphere) where the days are shorter, the nights are longer, the weather is colder and our energy can seem less eager.

Perhaps we can use the lack of Vitamin D we are exposed to from sunlight having changed. This is the time where it's extra important to motivate ourselves to get up and get out and get on with our days and our lives... when in effect hibernation appears more inviting!

There are multiple ways to tune in to higher frequencies and using a combination of internal and external forces we can aim to embrace the present season also known as the winter blues! With the word 'frequency' we refer to channeling our intuitive radar into a level of 'fine tune'. One with increased awareness - that of ourselves, our abilities and our surroundings.

Back in August we published a post breaking down more in depth the concept of frequency, featuring a model of different levels, specifically of emotion, shown below. For the full article head here.

This demonstrates the power that we have to hone in and control those frequencies, a bit like controlling our emotions and a bit like specifically selecting the appropriate soundtrack, playlist or opportunity to work with ourselves to tune in and tune on to a specific frequency.

Although Stripped FM is known as 'FM' but not emitting an FM signal, the concept in itself is to identify our purpose within the title and make it known what we do. Ironic in the sense that we are an online broadcasting platform and would also like to remind you that since our recent change in provider we have continued to experience some teething issues. Music as Medicine on Friday was an example that in some instances silence can be better than noise. Despite the extensive track selection the technical set up just wasn't on point - the same reason why Snob's Series has been put on hold for the last few weeks. We apologise for this and thank you for your patience.

When you do have a voice and an opportunity to use it we recommend you do when it leaves behind a purposeful message and good intention. This includes sending us artist recommendations or general feedback. YOU are just as important as the musicians, artists, sound engineers and us!

Almost hitting a year's live broadcast our attempts at stripping back the music and getting to know the artists and mindsets around creating it is our main theme and purpose. We understand the power of music. We also understand the intricacy behind the minds who create it are fascinating souls and ought to be credited.

When we refer to frequencies and music and how we ourselves can literally quite often programme into a level which can assist a targeted outcome.

The concept of exercise to some is a scary thought, whilst for others it's embedded into their routine. One thing less discussed is the impact of music during a workout. The power of music has the ability to dictate your mood and the tone of the room. If you're laying down for meditation on a yoga mat it's unlikely you'll be listening to high-speed garage selection! The same for lifting weights or doing circuits, the choice of music can really impact the result of the workout.

This is what we mean by tuning in to frequencies and lucky we are to all be able to indulge in music.

We have most likely all experienced both ends of the scale when you hear a song that takes you back to a place of nostalgic feelings and memories. So the opposite is also true where you hear a tune and it reminds you of a struggle, or a person, or a place in time which you don't associate as the most uplifting of moments.

If we sum up the intention of this post we propose how music is a narration of emotion in audio wave form.

If we consciously step into a place and opportunity to control emotion, existence and experience, music - like silence, can be seen, heard or used as a direct cause and effect.

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