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Solar Power

With the extreme temperatures we have experienced this summer that involved figures that were predicted to take place in 2050 due to the impacts of global warming and instead took place just weeks ago, it made us take a look at how we could adopt a different approach for our impact as an industry and overall.

We touched on the subject in our blog post on Earth Day back in April here but we decided to take a closer look at how people are taking responsibility to address the issue and making systematic changes for our planet's future.

Powerful Thinking is an initiative that was founded back in 2001 and champions smart energy solutions for festivals and events.

Specifically focusing on an event known as Green Gathering which takes place at the beginning of August in Wales, involving music, comedy, creativity, campaigns and natural abundance, they describe themselves as "the original off-grid festival, we’re 100% powered by sun, wind and people."

With the use of solar panels, wind turbines, pedal power as well as an 'Alt-Tech' area to their event they cover battery maintenance, off-grid solar Q&A, wind power as well as even a section for kids known as the 'Kids Energy Workshop' covering things from human circuit, sun dials and pinwheels.

Additional demonstrations of panel cookers, solar ovens, evacuated tube and parabolic dish cookers take place and a hands-on tutorial in metal bender-making, 12-volt electrics, stove construction and various DIY engineering projects made from recycled parts. They also have access to use solar powered mobility scooters and wheelchairs for assisted access.

Surrounding what we will call educational forums, the remaining entertainment includes music, spoken word, other arts and crafts, as you would expect but essentially overall this green concept is setting the benchmark for what possibilities there are in the surrounding music and events industry. When looking at the price of tickets for Green Gathering - they are no longer available since this year's event took place just last weekend, however one thing they did state was that dog's cannot enter without a ticket! A super family friendly, animal friendly event. ... Back to Powerful Thinking, in 2015 they released 'The Show Must Go On' which was an industry response to the United Nations climate talks which gave rise to the Paris Agreement an international global agreement to keep global warming to well below 2°C and aspiring to below 1.5°C.

Sadly in just 7 years we can see that it has overtaken that mark. The full report including data and statistics to 'The Show Must Go On' including Vision 2025 can be found here by simply adding your email address. This report does provide evidence that slowly but surely the wider industry/industries are taking further responsibility to sustain. In summary the science behind global warming says:

We can’t take back the damage to our natural systems we’ve already caused, and we can’t undo the suffering and experiences of the many communities on the frontlines of our changing climate. But we can fix the way our world works so that we peak emissions, minimise future global warming, and thread climate justice into our actions.

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