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We approach Summer Solstice where on and around 21st June in the Northern Hemisphere it's our summer transition and in the Southern Hemisphere it's their winter transition.

In ancient times this time of year was used as a marker for when to harvest crops. Stone Henge in the UK was designed to frame both summer and winter solstices in the calendar; the mid winter sunset and midsummer sunrise. At the summer solstice, around 21 June, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone and its first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge. Although the tallest trilithon at the monument is no longer standing, the sun would have set between the narrow gap of these uprights during the winter solstice.

In Chinese tradition, Solstice has been assimilated to the yin and yang of seasons. In winter the darker the half with a white dot represents the yin, or the female energy and in the summer the yang where the darker dot and lighter half represents the light, the masculine energy.

... There's plenty more exploring you can do into Chinese philosophy with this and the elements etc but we'll save that for another day.

To welcome in the transition of seasons we have small a playlist with an eclectic selection of artists for you to check out:

1. 1981US - Time in Between 2. Aleksandir - Technicolour 3. Black Loops - Dream Together 4. CiCi - Indigenous 5. Cosmos Sound Project - The Earth Experience 6. DJ Panthr - Liquid Light 7. Lake Haze - Sun Rising on Concrete Landscape 8. Louf - Tides 9. Lxury - After Light 10. Monkey Safari - Ceremony 11. Montronique - Flow Time 12. Optmst - Oracle 13. Phaeleh - Horizons 14. Priori - Relation to Light 15. Recondite - Flight Thru 16. Remcord - A Night Among The Trees 17. Spektralsound - Bioluminescent 18. Stevie Fox & Fossil Archive Daydreamer (Still Sleepy Mix) 19. Sublime Sound - 5am 20. Tour Maubourg - Floating On Silence

Happy Mid 2022 and stay subscribed for our latest news.

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