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Sound Healing

Pythagoras said that the music of the spheres (or of the cosmos) was a harmony perceived by our ears from the moment we are born. His opinion was that we are so accustomed to it in life that we confuse it with silence.

From watching that dance between external stimuli and an internal balance it can dictate the full health of a person. Pythagoras concluded that music could also be medicine. Sound is a vibration that an organism can feel independently of whether the ear perceives it or not.

From gong therapy, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, binaural beats, meditation and chanting, you have probably heard of various ways in which we can tune into frequencies which can produce healing powers. A sense of focus combined with vibration and frequency can be manipulated to stimulate the balance between mind and body

Leading sound healer, Jeffery Thompson founded the Centre for Neuroacoustic Research in California and he is known for his clinically proven mind/body harmonious brainwave entrainment programs.

He explains how our total experience in the womb is "baptized by sound and vibration". The whole nine month experience is around the ears hearing and the largest sensory organ of our body, the skin, feeling. Since sound can be heard and in some cases felt, he believes sound is the most powerful clinical tool.

Sound healing has been shown to improve sleep, physical, mental and emotional healing, memory, learning and other areas of personal growth.

“When a cell goes into a healing response, it increases its metabolism and its intake of food, expelling of waste, and rebuilding of tissue, so it’s raising its energy up. Sound waves can raise it to its highest possible potential that is way higher than the cell can do on its own, so we’ve just created a super-healing state.”

If you didn't quite take that last bit in, read it again...

That right there is why we do, share and bring music to your ears.

You can read more about bio-tuning here and head back to previous related articles here.

There are numerous ways sound can be used for healing and balance and Stripped FM is just one tool for you.

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