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Stripped FM Turns 1!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

This week marks the 1st anniversary of Stripped FM!

We are super excited to have shared the journey with you so far... some of you from the very beginning and some of you recent additions to the network. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Of course we have had our fair share of challenges along the way but without you we wouldn't have made it through to today.

Our first ever broadcast was by the man himself - Ordep aka Pedro Leitão Gomez. Massive shouts to the guy who has also acted as our in-house sound engineer at all times of the day and night, out of pure commitment, dedication and belief in the channel and concept.

Ordep. Locked Groove - Every Wednesday 8pm

Across the year we have had some residents been and gone - Defset, Adam A and Yugen Blake who held their Southern Exposure Residency until July this year. James Orbart who jumped on board in full swing with absolute enthusiasm and expertise - not only an excellent selector but also an incredible producer - his track 'Montigo Bay' (available on all platforms) championed as our Track of The Week on his first week joining us.

James Orbart - Art Thou - Every Tuesday 7pm

Sobia Soz aka Snob, a single Mom of two beautiful and very respectful children, who have supported her journey from the get go. Currently she is taking a break from Snob's Series, on Monday and Friday mornings to rest and recuperate. We will let you know as soon as she's back in action... From sound checking at all hours of the day and night in her home studio in the North West of the UK, to dashing down to the Big Smoke for a day to assist with presenting our first ever event back in October - Stripped FM Presents - we have been blessed with her commitment and energy throughout.

Snob interviews EiA

Which leads us to thank each and every one of the artists who have joined us on our journey. Sunday Sessions began as a feature show earlier this year in March where EiA performed live and interviewed. You may well have heard us speak about this before as we didn't actually manage to record the show for listen again, so it was very much a live and limited edition only broadcast... but that was the step in the very direction we needed and wanted to be able to support some incredible up and coming talent, every last Sunday of the month since.

Collectively we have built a solid team around us and don't take this for granted - the same for which our listeners are our key component.

We take the opportunity to announce our new monthly resident - Moldra - right out of Paris, France. We are super privileged to be welcoming him on board for his own series beginning this very month. Moldra escorted our Friday night resident, Rose, to AVA Festiva in Belfast to assist with building some further connections into this year and beyond. It is both an honour and a privilege to welcome him on board. His further bio can be found here and his confirmed show time will also be updated too.

Moldra - Sofa Club Records owner and new Stripped FM resident DJ

Not forgetting to mention that Moldra and Ordep are both label owners, producers and DJ's, so we take the opportunity to congratulate them on their own projects and are extremely proud we can share these with you via our platform.

2023 has some great things in store so be sure to stay in the loop by subscribing if you haven't already.

For this Friday night's Music as Medicine, James and Rose will be going back to back live in the mix to celebrate the 1st birthday.

Rose - Music as Medicine every Friday 5-8pm

Throughout all the shows this week there will be the opportunity to win some merchandise which is usually available via our shop.

Thank you again for your continued support and don't be a stranger - your feedback and comments are always valued and welcome.

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