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The Metaverse

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The universe as we know it is almost so large as to comprehend. With 3D, 4D and now the idea of 5th Dimensional space, the metaverse is an ever-increasing concept being developed around an immersive online environment.

Relating to maths, science and technology and described by Billboard as 'the next version of the internet' it's understood that with current technologies and future development, the world of social media will pave the way for communications and interactions across the globe.

Involving sensory-invoking (audio, visual, touch, somatosensory and even smell) technology, combined with virtual reality (mainly VR headsets or glasses) the metaverse is already highly impacting gaming sites, VR orientated club nights, events and venues.

With the world's leading companies investing billions trying to bring this into reality, it seems only a matter of time before it comes into play.

There's already been a rise in demand and value for NFT's (non-fungible tokens) which - in Layman's terms - are reproducible digital photo, video and audio files being used as value to protect cryptocurrency assets and trade cryptocurrency. This digital economy is transforming the world's attitude towards value and bending the line between digital and analogue.

The question poses... will this technology lead to an intellectual robotic brain structure that will arguably bypass traditional brain circuits, where instead of thinking for ourselves we'll be relying on the click of a button to do the work for us? In other words, the human race as we know it, will become programmed into a pattern of dependency on technology and therefore lose the ability to memorise, think outside the box and added issues like short sightedness and potentially even hearing loss will be a likely result of constant screen time and audio use.

Evolution will literally move our heads inside the box...

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What are your thoughts?

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