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The Mind Behind SN Combat

Sam Nankani recently joined us as one of our monthly residents. With 2 founded combat academies based in London, he has intentions to continue to grow.

The Martial Arts fighter, trainer, coach and Dad joins us in session the first Friday of every month to talk more in depth about his journey, history of fights, competitions including himself and those he has served as a coach, mentor and guide. He holds the training ground for specialists and works also with beginners. Throughout his journey of both being a champion and creating champions he joins us to explore "The Mind Behind A Fight".

In his own words he states:

"Strong mind beats all."

In combat it is important to prepare yourself physically but also equally if not more important mentally.

The moment you second guess or doubt yourself it can have adverse consequences to your performance.

Will doubt creep in? Yes, of course, as long you are human it will try. Just remember sometimes this is just a sign of general nervousness before a fight and your body wanting to have a get out clause for not having to go through taking some shots / pain.

Faith, confidence and self belief that you will win and survive the test, is key and essential.

Have a "never give up attitude" to fight to the end. This coupled with a winning mentality, you are on a good course to do well in battle.

The battle does't always go to the strongest but to the one who believes.

This Friday he will be live in the studio broadcasting 14.00-16.00 to discuss more about his life, plans and experience of being a martial artist.

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