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The Warm Up Act

Never underestimate the purpose of the warm up act/supporting artist's during a live show, gig etc.

From memory, going to gigs as a child I seem to remember it was like the supporting artists were not as important to watch and being a bit later than the start time wouldn't matter because you would still manage to see the headliner in full. Who were these supporting artists anyway? No one has heard of them - or at least I hadn't.

... There goes the super commercially-programmed mindset and mentality, where if the artists are not being press-pushed then they aren't worthy of stressing out to make it for the show's start.

Looking back, that couldn't be more narrow minded. Some of the best artists and live acts I have seen in my life are the ones who I hadn't heard of before and now, they're the ones I (and we all here at Stripped FM) are constantly on the lookout to promote.

There is an unimaginable catalogue of music out there and so much emphasis on the already established artists, it's essential we provide opportunity and push boundaries for those in the background.

For some - music is life - it's the breath and fresh air of living and function. If you understand that, you are likely an artist yourself. If you don't, then just keep your mind, eyes and ears open. We're here to connect the two worlds.

EiA, was the first of our guests to feature in the launch of our new series 'Sunday Sessions' on 27th March where she explored in-depth, during her interview and live performance, how essential music is to her life and survival.

If you want to hear more about incredibly humbled and talented musicians, set the reminders on your phone for the last Sunday of every month, where from 11.00-13.00 we will be taking you on a journey through the life and style behind a selection of vocal and band-based artists who will perform live in the studio and talk to us about their influences, design and creative process, whilst we get to know them on a more personal level.

'Listen Again' isn't usually a feature we encourage here on our channel, as we believe in the authenticity of raw and engaging talent and communication. The same applies when seeing a live gig, you never know how valuable the live in-person connection is compared to watching or listening from your living room ...until that moment where something indescribable happens and the whole experience resonates with your being and triggers an emotion, thought or memory that can alter your state.

The outwardly evidential effect that music can have is immense and to be in front of an artist who triggers that can increase the pressure, emotion and reception of the room, not to mention act as an inspiration to walk away with a new motive, concept or vantage, as well as postcard memo in the mind. With radio - we call it 'theatre of the mind'.

At least one champion we should name and celebrate is (Matthew) Krysko, resident of the infamous Warehouse Project in Manchester, a place and event where people come from all around the world, let alone the country, to gather and celebrate some of electronic music's finest game players. The late Andrew Weatherall introduced him "Here he is, DJ Radiator, always warming up".

Whether it's a DJ, comedian, singer, rapper ...those sheer moments you get to experience an array of talent in front of a headliner, it should not be disregarded. They can - and often do - open your mind and take you to a space you perhaps wouldn't have envisioned otherwise.

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Additionally, if you know any talent you would like to put forward for us to consider within our broadcasts, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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