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From 8th September 2022 forwards we pay homage to our Queen - Elizabeth II.

70 years on the throne she saw the country through many eras most of us can’t begin to imagine.

Through wars as well as breakthroughs her story will live on.

Celebrating the longest reigning monarch in British history we pay our respects.

As a young girl Queen Elizabeth II along with her sister Margaret were taught, by the Queen Mum and their governess, how to play the piano and later tutored by an organist form St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Before Elizaeth ascended the throne she gained a Bachelor of Music from University of London and Doctor of Music from the University of Wales.

In 2005, The Queen's Music Medal was introduced and awarded annually to outstanding musicians with the notion that it raised the profile of music within the UK and rewarded individuals who have had a major influence on the musical life of the nation. Rest in peace Queenie.

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