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Trust - Wellness Package with Hema

Updated: Mar 27

Hema is our monthly resident who guides us through her knowledge and practice of rapid transformational therapy, also known as hypnotherapy. This week she speaks on the topic of trust in our mailout...

How much do you trust yourself?

Trust is an interesting term and generally opens up the idea of strength in the decision of your own or someone else's decision, statement, action, belief - each one, when done with conviction, demonstrate a high level of trust.

Below are the 5 signs that you don't fully trust yourself and includes 3 tips for deepening your self trust..

Let me start off by saying these are not to shame or judge. We've all done these things. Me included.

This is for awareness... So we have a choice to do things differently - if we wish. 1. You overthink before, during or after making decisions or taking action, which can often leave you feeling exhausted

2. You double or triple check things you know are actually OK (whether the oven is off, that you've got your keys, etc)

3. You ask other people's opinions for the small things and give your power away, without actually realising it

4. You second guess yourself and think through loads of 'what if' scenarios, which means that you delay making the decision or taking the action

5. You don't feel fully present. You're either ruminating on something that happened in the past or feel worried or anxious about something that hasn't happened yet. Which means you don't fully savour or appreciate what's happening in the now

To deepen your levels of self trust:

1. Avoid asking other people's opinions on some things and do what you want anyway - this shows your mind that you don't need external validation, approval or permission and you're giving it to yourself

2. Place your hand on your heart and repeat the affirmation 'I am safe, supported and loved' - this helps you get back into the present moment and reminds you that you are not alone and that all is well

3. Drop into your body to access your inner wisdom and knowing. Allow yourself to receive the solutions to something that is currently troubling or concerning you. Reassure yourself that your inner resources are plentiful.

How can I manage trust?...Well I'm glad you asked!

Find out how by participating in my unique UNSTUCK YOURSELF activity on Tue 28th March at 8pm UK.

I'll show you how to reconnect to your well of inspiration and creativity, so you solve the problem or dilemma, with no interference, suggestions or advice from me or anyone else. Curious and wanna know more...?

Did I mention that the investment is only £29 via this link. Here's what a previous participant said...

"A lot has happened since the UNSTUCK YOURSELF activity. It's been absolutely mind blowing. It allowed me to access things that had been holding me back, that I'd not been able to see for the last 4 years of intensive self-development. It was an incredible activity that has completely changed my year. Amazing!"

Hema can also be heard on Thursday 13th April with her next broadcast Hema the Hypno in the House. Live 14.00-17.00.

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